June 02nd, 2021


Industry awareness to the highest levels in UK Government is not only beneficial to those working within this this amazing industry, but also adds true value to companies and their assignees who are moving to, within or from Britain. The ARP, which Icon Relocation is the Chair, is undertaking work to promote action that benefits us all. So what is the story behind this?

Just over a year ago, at the start of the impact that Covid-19 has had on us all around the world, a series of separated but ultimately linked events were taking place.

These over time have blended together to achieve outcomes that truly support and benefit everyone. Whether you are an international based company or an assignee about to travel, this is a story & a set of events that could make a substantial difference to you.

As a result, Tad Zurlinden (CEO ARP & EuRA), Lembit Opik (Strategic Representative for Political Engagement) & Simon Johnston (Icon Relocation CEO & Chair of the ARP) were invited to tell the story behind how this both started and what steps have been taken to date.

What are the aims?

There are a number of key aspects we are inviting UK Parliament to help engage and review. More details will be shared in due course but these include, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing the £8k relocation tax relief to a higher, more relevant level

  • Brexit and how our industry can support those relocating

  • Covid-19 & ensuring the UK relocation industry supports best practice globally

  • Industry recognition and agreement on a Code of Conduct

Rarely is there a conversation where every supplier in this industry, alongside every international business who are moving people, can state they all equally benefit. This, we are delighted to state is one of these happy occasions. If ongoing conversations are successfully, collectively we can help reduce our clients costs & ensure best practice, all whilst ensuring we embrace the highest standards, from any global perspective.

Welcome any comments, suggestions and view points which can be discussed with the ARP to ensure collectivist we all help make any relocation a truly ‘moving’ experience.

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