Rules of Conduct and Code of Practice

Rules of Conduct


  • Every member shall be actively involved in offering services that facilitate the relocation of individuals and/or companies.
  • Every member shall abide by the rules of the Association.
  • Every member must actively participate in and successfully complete an accreditation process that has the full backing of the Association either on a individual or corporate level.
  • Members must have both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.
  • A member shall not seek business or conduct business by improper or illegal means.
  • Members shall not misrepresent the Association, themselves or the services which they offer.
  • Members will promote and protect their client’s best interest and will not accept instructions from clients whose requirements cannot possibly be met by the member.
  • Members shall not either act as selling or letting agents, nor will a principal, partner or director be involved in the day to day business of a selling or letting agency.
  • Members shall declare to their clients any payment the member receives from any third party suppliers, following the introduction of the client to such supplier. 
  • Members shall ensure each client is aware of the terms and conditions upon which the member’s services are being supplied.
  • All members will indemnify and hold harmless the Association against any claims arising from their activities.
  • When holding client's monies, members will hold such monies in a separate bank account and will maintain and produce at the Association’s request clear records of that account.
  • Members shall not misrepresent their class of membership nor claim membership when their membership has ceased.
  • Should they be in breach of the Association’s Rules of Conduct members shall abide by the findings of the Association's Disciplinary Committee.
  • In the event of a member becoming bankrupt, insolvent or making an arrangement with their creditors their membership of the Association will be withdrawn. 
  • To be registered with HMRC for money laundering purposes, TPO and the Data Protection Act

Code of Practice

ARP Code of Practice.pdf