Are all homes furnished when renting?

This seems an obvious question. Surely, they would all be furnished when renting a home especially for the international assignee moving to the UK. However, this is not the case in all locations and the reasons are equally obvious when understood.

There are several top locations in the UK that attract larger numbers of international assignees. Clearly this includes London but also cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester & Glasgow to name just a few have a larger number of international firms therefore the housing in this area reflects this.

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ARP Chair Blog - Are UK Homes as small as suggested?

Great news….! You are relocating to the UK and regardless of where your move is taking you from, one of the questions commonly asked is, are the UK homes small and if so, how does this compare to where I am living now.


Accepted that this is not breaking news, but it sometimes still comes as a shock when people understand just how small this amazing country really is.

Gordon Kerr

Legal Update: Murphys Law by Gordon Kerr (ARP Strategic Consultant - Legal Services)

Legal Update for ARP Newsletter


Murphy’s Law

Welcome to this legal update, which is intended to provide ARP members with an overview of legal developments affecting UK relocation businesses.

The main issue covered in this update is the thorny problem of how you deal with a landlord who is being unresponsive to a tenant’s request for repairs to be carried out.  I also provide quick updates on some current legal issues, including

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The Perils of Lump Sum: Dominic Tidey (EuRA COO)

Dominic Tidey - EuRA C.O.O. There is a growing popularity for lump sum relocation packages.    The concept has been around for decades and has frequently been a way for companies to speed up the process of getting an employee from point a to point b swiftly. The Basics