The Association of Professional Relocation Membership

Introduction to Membership

The Association of Relocation Professionals was formed in 1986 in response to the need for a Professional body to represent the growing Relocation Industry in the UK.

Since then, the Association has continued to represent and advocate the interests of relocation professionals across the country.

The Association is a non-profit making company, run by a council elected from the membership body.  This structure allows us to not only represent the diverse sectors of our industry but also to evolve in line with the interests of our members.

Consisting of representatives from all sectors of the industry, the council steer the work of the Association from the ground up, thereby ensuring that the Association remains at the focus of changes in relocation.

We require all ARP members to carry full Professional Indemnity, Public and Employers Liability Insurances to protect clients and providers.

ARP membership is proof of a commitment  to best practice, customer satisfaction and professionalism.  It also provides a forum for the exchange of ideas which helps to keep the industry dynamic.

Benefits of Membership

Being a part of a professional body is essential if we want to promote the idea of quality to our prospective clients.  The ARP is the professional body for relocation service providers throughout the UK and internationally and promotes a quality standard throughout its membership.  

Through extensive, externally accredited training programmes, professional vetting, arbitration and disciplinary processes, the clients of ARP members know that they are getting a service that is reaching the highest levels over 30 years of steering the profession.  But this is not the only benefit of being part of the professional relocation body for the UK.   

  • We communicate with members and non-members alike electronically sending bulletins and updates on a regular basis.
  • We have also increased the visibility of our members, through our new interactive, dynamic web systems. The ARP website includes full information relating to the Association and lists our members contact details including links to their  websites.  
  • The Managing International Mobility programme was designed to equip the teams of it's member companies with the expertise necessary to deliver exceptional services to their clients.
  • The ARP runs regular and successful networking events such as the Christmas Lunch and Awards Dinner
  • We offer direct support to start-up companies through the office and via our free business helpline.  The business helpline is also used frequently by established members, who can rely on accurate legal, employment and dispute management advice.  

The ARP is an essential organisation for the promotion of relocation services, but we go further; offering an invaluable platform for the customers of relocation companies and their clients, to make themselves known, grow their business and be part of the professional body.  From furniture rental and household goods movers, to tax and immigration specialists through to serviced apartment providers, our membership programmes offers a direct link to the relocation industry and beyond.  

So, if you are looking to grow your business, improve your visibility and be part of the most dynamic force in relocation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Become an ARP Member

The Association represents a wide variety of relocation service providers.

Corporate Relocation Specialists assist organisations to move their staff into and within the UK.  Being moved by your employer often results in a need for professional relocation support – from helping with housing and movement of goods, to assisting with school placement, visa and immigration requirements, language and cultural training, Corporate Relocation Specialists ensure the impact of being relocated to a new area with your job is as painless as possible.

Property Finders assist individuals in the search, purchase and legal ramifications of moving home.  The UK has the strongest and most professional Property Finders in the world.  Assistance in the purchase of second homes in the UK and Europe is also provided alongside the most professional advice available in investing in property.

Specialist Providers  offer a diverse range of services to staff being moved by their employers – from educational, legal and cultural advisors, to serviced apartment and furniture rental suppliers. ARP members ensure the needs of both companies and individuals can be met with the highest standard of service delivery.

Becoming a member of ARP is easier than you might think.  If you are trading professionally in the relocation industry and have positive client references, or if one of our current members would like to support your application, then you may already be eligible to join our growing family.  Discover the different types of ARP Membership to find out which aligns with your activities.

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Privacy Notice

We value your privacy and promise never to sell or rent your information to third parties or use it for promotional or commercial reasons. We will use your information only to contact you in function of your membership of ARP.

As a member of ARP certain company details will be publicly listed on our website.  This includes your company name, description and contact information. If you feel your data has been misused, you have the right to complain to a national data protection body. You can find out more about data privacy and your rights by visiting our Privacy policy.