All Party Parliamentary Group

ARP held another meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Employee Relocation on Tuesday 21st November 2023.

We are committed to working proactively with Parliament, through the APPG, to enhance the sector’s £7bn per annum direct contribution and £21bn per annum consequential contribution to the British economy. The APPG discussed the following areas:

  • Inflation in the relocation sector, and the failure of the relocation threshold to have been uprated – ever: it remains at the original level of £8,000 since the early 1990s. Reform of the allowance system might be the way to proceed on this.
  • Visa complexity and processing issues act as a barrier to entry to the UK, including those visas for partners and spouses.
  • The industry needs to achieve recognition in Parliament to increase its influence.
  • The APPG can help create policy change to make useful improvements to the relocation regime in the UK.
  • The APPG needs to be bold in stating what matters most, for example relating to issues in the housing and serviced accommodation markets.
  • The APPG should present a collective, cross-party front to Minister, with all Officers jointly signing requests on specific areas of concern and focus.
  • The ARP Board will talk to members and establish the key focus for APPG.
  • If anything needed in terms of relocation issues by MPs, the APPG will provide a comprehensive service to deliver what is required. In other words, the APPG will benefit from the ARP’s commitment to being the central resource to MPs and Peers on these matters, including specific cases.
  • We will also introduce a more sensible and proportionate infrastructure regarding anti-money laundering legislation relating to relocation. The UK is the only place in Europe where some of these checks must be done for relocation.

The APPG agreed to use the Parliamentary tools available to deliver outcomes for the sector. These include Parliamentary Questions, interventions in debates, meetings with Ministers, a Westminster Hall debate and cross-party requests for action and support for relocation.


Minutes from the APPG

Here are the minutes from the APPG held on 20th June 2023