Policy Development


The ARP is the voice for those who relocate professionals in the UK, and abroad. We work with policy makers and practitioners, moving great talent for a greater Britain.



By taking ownership for guiding policy development in Parliament, the Association of Relocation Professionals serves legislators with expert input. We are dedicated to a regulatory framework that is proportionate, and attractive to businesses based in the UK and those considering bringing their employees to a G8 country.

Why relocation policy matters to the UK

Relocation knows better than any other sector what it takes to make the UK the ‘go to’ destination for international firms looking for a base for their businesses. For this reason, the Association of Relocation Professionals now provides expert guidance on game-changing opportunities to provide a proportionate regulatory framework post-Brexit - and for the long-term. This unlocks the UK as the best place to base an international business anywhere in the developed world.

Key points

We in Britain invented the way to help relocate into a new place, settle in, find a house and all the rest of it. And we do it brilliantly. It’s a unique selling point and gives the UK competitive advantage over other countries. Our excellence makes companies say ‘yes’ to destination Britain. We want to ensure proportionate policy to make relocation in the UK straightforward and attractive to any firm looking for a great destination to base its people.

The relocation sector is eager to ensure that qualifications for relocation professionals do exactly what’s needed to keep the process fast, simple and safe; and delivered by experts in their fields. Putting barriers in the way of relocation is like pulling up the drawbridge to Island Britain. But getting it right is like building an industrial superhighway for the world’s best companies and talent to travel here. We need these people and firms in the UK to sustain our country as the natural location for the best firms in the world.

Relocation professionals are not estate agents. They move people, we move personnel. They serve citizens - we serve UK employers and their employees. It’s a totally different type of business.

Relocation boosts UK business in a way that affects the country’s bottom line – its GDP - at a crucial time in our economic and political history as an independent nation. Without relocation support, we will fail to maximise inward investment.

The relocation sector does its job effectively and quietly. We just want the space to run the relocation machine and make companies win by importing the talent they need to succeed and profit. We’re not looking for special treatment, just fair treatment. We’ll do the rest - to bring great talent to Great Britain.



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