COVID19 and Relocation



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Relocation sector can ‘vaccinate’ UK business against Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic obstructs firms from relocating key staff to the UK, affecting business performance – because they only import talent when they can’t find it domestically. Stalled relocation will, over time, negatively affect the whole economy, and UK PLC’s appeal as a business destination.

The relocation sector offers a biosecurity business solution

The ARP offers a safe solution to ‘vaccinate’ British business from Covid and get it moving again. We will carry the entire load for relocation, quarantine and infection management in the Covid-19 pandemic in our sphere of operations. This keeps British industry – and the public – healthy and safe.

Key points

An inability to relocate key staff to the UK is weakening the heart of many UK based firms, effectively giving British business ‘heart trouble.’ The relocation sector offers to partner with Government to immediately get Britain moving again. All we need is the OK from Government and we’ll do the rest. Even without depending on vaccines, we can make relocation ‘Covid proof’ -free to the taxpayer and priceless to business.

Restarting relocations brings 7,000 people a month to the UK, at salaries usually over twice the national average. It adds up to £350 million for the UK economy per month, or over £4 billion a year. There’s a big multiplier effect in what relocated people do for British industry, measured in billions of Pounds of added value a year. Covid-19 has harmed this, and relocations can get us back on track – and we want to talk about this with the Chancellor.

UK relocation is a fabulously effective and seamless operation. But Government essentially switched relocation systems off. This harms business, in small ways at first, but problems build up over time. Allowing firms to import staff they desperately need is vital to supporting the UK through a very challenging time.

The relocation sector can safely manage relocation and biosecurity right now. Our systems default to stability under stress, reducing Covid-19 risks to tiny levels. We can show we safely relocate talent and stop harm to UK business.

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