Associate Membership

Associate Membership of the ARP is open to relocation service providers who have been trading for less than two years. Associate Members are listed as such on the Website.   All Associate Members are only able to use the Associate ARP logo on all printed materials.

A relocation company is deemed to be any organisation offering a range of services designed to facilitate the mobility of individuals or groups of individuals and their families. Such services may be delivered in the departure or destination area or both.

As an Associate Member you will be able to attend all of ARPS's events at member rates, exhibit at our events or sponsor them, and network with other relocation service providers. You will also be able to access our free online training.

Please click here for a copy of the Rules of Conduct, to which every ARP Member must adhere.

To apply for Associate Membership of ARP, please click on the "Join" button at the top of the website.

As an Associate Member, You Will:

  1. Receive assistance from the Association, should this be required.
  2. Be entitled to a standard entry on the ARP website.
  3. Receive the Association's Newsletter as well as the regular "ARP Bulletin".
  4. Be entitled to use the ARP Associate logo on any printed material or in any advertisement.
  5. Be invited to attend any regional, national and international meetings, seminars, conferences or any MIM or EARP accredited Training.

Requirements For Admission as an Associate Member:

  1. To adhere to the ARP’s Rules of Conduct.
  2. To have traded as a Relocation Agent for less than two years.
  3. To provide the names and email addresses of three customers for whom work has been carried in the last 12 months. These clients will be contacted by ARP for references.
  4. To provide your website address.
  5. Hold both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.
  6. Satisfy all relevant compliance requirements (for further information, click here)


One off Administration Fee: - £100.00 + VAT = £120.00

Subscription Fee (1 - 5 employees):- £300.00 + VAT = £360.00

Subscription Fee (6 - 10 employees):- £600.00 + VAT = £720.00

Subscription Fee (11+ employees):- £800.00 + VAT = £960.00

The Executive Group will review Subscription fees annually.